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Under the Home (UTH) provides free access to digital copies of the following:

  • Masterworks by famous artists, composers, authors, and poets in the spirit of Charlotte Mason.
  • Time-proven texts with well-developed teaching methodologies such as Ray's Arithmetic and McGuffey's Readers.

UTH aims to make homeschooling easier for busy families.

  • Families may simultaneously use multiple devices to access the website.
  • Responsive website enables compatibility with desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Lesson design minimizes instructor preparation time.


There is no cost to use the site.

  • All grades and subjects available on the site are included.
  • The website is child-safe and ad-free.
  • For the provided subjects, no additional textbooks must be purchased.
  • Instructors supply typical school and art supplies.
  • Instructors provide ink and paper to print out the included tracework, copywork, and coloring pages.


Under the Home (UTH) is for instructors who:

  • Desire to play a role in teaching children, but do not want to spend countless hours seeking out materials and preparing for lessons.
  • Want to avoid spending hundreds of dollars every year on curriculum materials.
  • Wish to provide a rich and uplifting educational experience that includes music, art, and poetry.
  • Prefer a traditional educational approach over fully automated or game-based curricula.
  • Want to enable children to learn at their own pace. Approximate grade-levels and weekly schedules are provided, but pacing is up to the judgment of instructors and progress made by children.


Under the Home (UTH) offers a set of subjects for K-5.

  • Art History: Current - (K-5)
  • Math: Current - (K-5)
  • Music: Current - (K-5)
  • Prose: Current - (K-5)
  • Poetry: Current - (K-5)
  • Reading/Writing: Current - (K-5)
  • Phonics: Current - (K-2)
  • Studio Art: Current - (K-5)
  • Geography: Current - (1-5)
  • History: Current - (1-5)
  • Science: Current - (1-5)
  • Shakespeare: Current - (3-4)
  • Grammar: Current - (5)

Religious Affiliation

  • Under the Home (UTH) welcomes people of all beliefs.
  • UTH is not affiliated with a particular religion, although there are religious references in a subset of lessons in subjects such as art history, history, and reading.
  • Instructors are free to opt out of lessons, to expand on lessons, and to use lessons as starting points for encouraging deeper discussions, whether this means highlighting or minimizing religious aspects.


  • Under the Home (UTH) is being developed by Sonja Glumich - a mother, an educator, and a scientist.
  • I created UTH so my husband, who has no prior experience teaching children, can provide a joyful and low-stress homeschool experience for our three children. Our children started kindergarten during the 2016-2017 school year, so our children are currently learning alongside your children.
  • I invite you to take a look around. Review the curriculum overview and lessons.