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View lessons based on grade-level, subject, and/or week. Select a grade-level and a week to view all lessons assigned to a particular week. For example, see all first grade lessons for week 4.

Select a grade-level, a subject, and a week to view lessons for a given grade-level, subject, and week. For example, see the kindergarten music lesson assigned to week 13.


Click an icon from the home page to view a particular subject. For example, click the kindergarten poetry icon...

To list available lessons in kindergarten poetry.

Select a week to view the lessons assigned for that week.


Click an icon from a subject or textbook page to view a lesson/chapter. For example, click the Chapter 1 icon...

To view the lesson/chapter page. Click the title to navigate back.

Click the left arrow to go to the previous lesson.

Click the right arrow to go to the next lesson.

Many lessons have two tabs: a 'Lesson' tab and a 'Lesson Guide' tab.

The 'Lesson' tab contains the main text of the lesson.

The 'Lesson Guide' tab contains directions, the synopsis, vocabulary words, enrichment activities, and/or review questions.

Many lessons are accompanied by ad-free, embedded YouTube videos of music or audio readings of poems and stories.

Enable 'Autoscroll' to automatically highlight text and scroll the page in time with the audio reading.