Chapter 1: How Raggedy Andy Came

Week: 22

Marcella's daddy borrows Raggedy Ann and brings her to his office. Daddy receives a letter and a package in the mail which contains Raggedy Andy. Raggedy Ann was originally owned by Marcella's grandmother. Raggedy Andy was owned by a little girl who played with Marcella's grandmother. Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are now reunited after fifty years. Daddy fastens a rubber band around Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy's hands so they can hold hands.

Chapter 2: The Nursery Dance

Week: 23

When Raggedy Andy first arrives at the nursery, Marcella comes to the nursery and has tea with the dolls. Mostly Marcella drinks the tea herself, but sometimes she pours a little into the dolls' mouths, making them sticky. Fido the dog licks the sweet tea off dolls, which helps to clean them, but sometimes he misses spots. After Marcella leaves the nursery, Raggedy Ann introduces the dolls to Raggedy Andy. They listen to music and dance in a circle. Although Raggedy Andy was not lonely in the trunk, for there was always a nest of mice in the trunk, he is happy to come to the nursery and make new friends.

Chapter 3: The Spinning Wheel

Week: 23

The dolls have a pillow fight. During the scuffle, Raggedy Andy loses an arm. The dolls fetch a needed, thread, and a thimble from the sewing machine drawer. While she sews Raggedy Andy's arm on, Raggedy Ann remembers another time, in the past, when she had to sew Raggedy Andy's arm on. Raggedy Ann and Andy played with a whirligig, or a spinning wheel. Raggedy Andy became caught in the spinning wheel. Raggedy Ann pulled him out, but ripped off his arm in the process. Back then, Raggedy Ann sewed the arm back on, just as she did this time.

Chapter 4: The Taffy Pull

Week: 23

Raggedy Andy suggests the dolls have a taffy pull. The dolls heat sugar and water on the stove to make the taffy. They pour the golden candy on a buttered platter. Henny is too excited to wait, so he sticks his hand into the candy before it cools. The candy sticks Henny's fingers together. Uncle Clem chips the candy off Henny's hand. To prevent sticking, the dolls butter their hands. Then they each take a piece of taffy and pull it until it becomes snow white. They break the taffy into pieces by tapping it with a stick. The dolls clean the kitchen, wrap the candies, put them in a bag, and throw the bags out the window to a little girl and boy. The children are happy to get the candy. Raggedy Ann says the candy wrapped in paper are called 'Kisses.'

Chapter 5: The Rabbit Chase

Week: 24

Fido hears something go 'Scratch! Scratch! from outside. He goes outside to investigate, barking in a loud voice and running around the yard. As the dolls look outside through a door, something jumps inside and knocks them down. Fido has chased a rabbit into the house. They track the rabbit back to the nursery and learn that it is an Easter bunny who has come to leave Marcella some eggs. Unfortunately, the eggs are broken. The bunny and the dolls fetch more eggs from the Easter bunny's house. Marcella finds the pretty basket of eggs the next day.

Chapter 6: The New Tin Gutter

Week: 24

The dolls watch workmen add new gutters around the eaves of the house. When the workmen leave, the dolls climb up onto a window sill. The dolls slide down one of the new gutters. Unfortunately, the penny dolls slide down a hole. Raggedy Andy slides down after them but gets stuck in the pipe. It starts to rain and Daddy notices that the pipe is plugged up. A workman comes back to fix it. The pushes a pole down the pipe, but cannot dislodge Raggedy Andy. The man cuts a hole in the pipe with tin shears and finds Raggedy Andy, with the two penny dolls stuck in his waist. All three dolls are saved and returned to the nursery.

Chapter 7: Doctor Raggedy Andy

Week: 24

Marcella often pretends to give the dolls medicine made from tea or soda water, except for the French doll, who has a mouth that opens to really take medicine. One day, Marcella pretends the French doll has the croup, then the measles, and finally yellow fever. Marcella pours medicine in the French doll's mouth every minute or two, until Marcella is called to dinner. After Marcella leaves, Raggedy Andy suggests the dolls have a dance. The French dolly finds she can no longer open her eyes due to all the sticky medicine Marcella poured into her mouth. The dolls stand the French doll on her head, hoping the medicine will run through a hole in her head, but it does not work. The dolls take off the French dolly's hair and try to wash the sticky medicine from inside her head. This time, their efforts succeed, thanks to 'Doctor' Andy. To celebrate their success, the dolls dance to music.

Chapter 8: Raggedy Andy's Smile

Week: 25

On Christmas Eve, toddler Dickie feeds Raggedy Andy orange juice, which takes off most of his smile. Marcella hangs stockings for the dolls. The dolls move to leave the nursery, then collapse in a heap, for a man stands in the doorway. It is Santa Claus. Santa Claus touches the dolls' faces with a magic liquid, which repairs problems such as Raggedy Andy's missing smile. Dolly Susan's cracked head became whole, and Henny's voice was repaired. Santa puts something in each of the dolls' stockings. The dolls watch Santa place presents about the hearth, then vanish up the chimney. The dolls hear the tinkle of sleigh bells grow fainter. The dolls are filled with happiness as they go to bed.

Chapter 9: The Wooden Horse

Week: 25

Santa Claus leaves a wooden horse, which came hitched to a beautiful red wagon with four wheels. The wooden horse talks and frisks his tail for the first time ever. He rolls around on his shiny wheels, bumping into the dolls. The dolls ride the horse and in the horse's wagon around the room and have a wonderful time together.

Chapter 10: Making 'Angels' in the Snow

Week: 25

Marcella brings Raggedy Andy to Grandma's house, and takes him to sled on a hill by a frozen pond. Marcella also showed Raggedy Andy how to make angels in the snow. Marcella ran inside to get a doughnut and forgot Raggedy Andy outside on the sled. Raggedy Andy froze to sled. When Marcella tried to limber his arm, it ripped. Raggedy Andy returns and tells the dolls his story.

Chapter 11: The Singing Shell

Week: 26

Marcella's Grandma gives her a beautiful shell, and Marcella brings the shell to the nursery. The dolls examine the shell, turning it and trying to figure it out. At Raggedy Andy's suggestion, the dolls lie next to the shell and listen to see if it speaks. The shell tells them the story of how it lived on the ocean floor, the sea weeds and fish it saw, and how a diver scooped it up and it ended up at Grandma's house. The shell then sings for the dolls.