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Lesson 16: The Three Little Pigs (Ear Training)

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Instructions: The instructor reads an excerpt from Treadwell Reader's story, 'The Three Little Pigs.' The instructor pronounces the dashed words phonetically and asks children to call out the words.

The next day the wolf came again and said, "Little pig, let us go to the f-ai-r."

"I will go in the morning," said the pig. "What time shall w-e go?"

"Let us go at three o'clock," said the wolf.

The next morning the pig got u-p at two o'clock.

He went to the fair a-n-d got a churn.

He was going home when he saw the wolf.

The little pig was frightened.

So he jumped into the churn to hide, and it rolled down the h-i-ll.

The wolf saw the churn rolling down the h-i-ll.

He was frightened, too, and ran home.

Next morning the wolf went to the little pig's house.

He said, "Little pig, I went to the fair. I met a great round thing on the way.

It was rolling down the hill. It frightened me and I ran home."

"I frightened you," said the pig.

"I went to the fair at two o'clock, and I got a churn.

On the way home I saw you coming.

So I jumped into the churn, and it rolled down the h-i-ll."

The wolf was now very angry.

I shall come down the chimney, " he said, "and I shall eat you up."

The little pig made a fire. He hung a pot of water over it.

Soon he heard the wolf coming down the chimney.

He took the l-i-d off the pot. The wolf fell into it.

And the little pig had a good supper.