The Eclectic Manual of Methods

Grade: Kindergarten

Duration: Child-dependent

The kindergarten mathematics course provides four phases of step-by-step instructions for introducing primary-level arithmetic in preparation to begin Ray's Primary Arithmetic. Phase I teaches children to recognize groups of physical objects up to ten. Phase II drops physical objects and teaches children to combine and separate up to ten imaginary objects in their minds. In phase III, children combine and separate abstract numbers directly. Finally, in phase IV, children learn to write addition and subtraction equations. Teaching guides accompany all 56 lessons.

Ray's New Primary Arithmetic

Grade: First

Duration: Child-dependent

The Ray's New Primary Arithmetic textbook covers addition, counting, skip counting, subtraction, multiplication, division, money, and time. Teaching guides accompany all 132 lessons. Using a 10x10 abacus to demonstrate multiplication and division operations may be helpful, although it is not required. Look for one with two colors of beads (5 and 5) on each row. Inexpensive ones can be found online for around $10.00. This course changes the order of certain lessons, expands certain lessons (money and time), and removes antiquated lessons toward the end of the book.