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You all know what a pond is. Is there a pond near where you live? Did you ever fish in it? Did you ever walk around it?

When a stream, on its way to the ocean, flows into a basin or hollow in the land, the water spreads out and fills it. A hollow in the land filled with water is called a lake, or, if it be quite small, a pond.

What is a lake made of? What is around it? Suppose someone who never saw a lake were to ask you what a lake is, what would you say?

What do we find in lakes? Would you not like to sail on a lake?

In the hollows among mountains are great numbers of beautiful lakes. In their clear waters may be seen the mountains, the forests, and the sky, as in a looking-glass. At night the moon and stars may be seen below you as plainly as above.

Here is a picture of a pretty lake in a valley.

You see a river flowing from the hills beyond. Into what is it flowing? The river that lets the water into the lake is called an inlet.

You see another river that lets the water out of the lake. This river we call the outlet of the lake.

Make a lake on your molding-board, or in the sand near your home. Represent its inlet and outlet.

Out in the lake is a little piece of land around which the waters play. We could not go to this land without crossing the water; the water is on all sides of it. Such a little piece of land is called an island.

Did you ever read the story of Robinson Crusoe? You will remember that he went up a hill in search of water. When he got to the top of the hill, he saw that he was on an island. How did he know?

Have you ever seen an island? What island was it? Could you sail around it? What was on every side of it? What grew on it? What is an island?

If there is a brook or lake near your home, how can you make an island?

Notebook Work:

1. Study the picture of a lake. Make a map of the same lake on your slate. Show the forest and mountains on your map.

2. Copy the sentences into your notebook.

A lake is water surrounded by land.

The land near the water of a lake is called its shore.

An island is a little piece of land surrounded by water.