First Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg First Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg    

Lesson 30: The Lonely Tree (Color Drawing)

lesson image

Recreate the lesson image using the colors as described below. With a free, even stroke, wash in the sky, making it even and as smooth as possible. With a heavier stroke, wash in the land part, and then with a still heavier stroke, wash in the tree top and last the trunk, making the ground at the root of the trunk as heavy as the trunk itself. The plan is to make the sky a light even wash, the ground a heavier wash, the tree top still heavier, and the trunk heavier still.

  1. Recreate the drawing entirely with black.
  2. Color the sky an even wash of blue, the land a heavier wash, and the tree a still heavier. Then with orange go over the land and tree, rubbing in the orange with a vigorous stroke.
  3. Place a heavy wash of orange over both sky and land. With a vigorous stroke, color in the land and tree with blue. The blue and orange can be used alternately several times if desired.
  4. Recreate the drawing as in Exercise 3, but before adding the tree, rub in to the sky a vigorous wash of yellow. Then use blue to draw the tree.
  5. Place a strong wash of yellow over the whole paper. Then wash the ground and tree with violet. Make the ground and tree dark.