Word Mastery

Grade: Kindergarten

Duration: Child-dependent

The book at the heart of this course was devised to be used for the first three years of education in conjunction with a series of readers (e.g. McGuffey’s, Treadwell’s). Phonics, associating sounds with letters and blending those sounds into words, provide children with a foundation to decipher novel words. The author of the book evolved this system of teaching phonics in her own schoolroom and used it with great success. This method incorporates four activities: 1) Ear Training, 2) Tongue Training, 3) Eye Training, and 4) Word Building. Keep in mind that the one important thing is to teach each step thoroughly. (Paraphrased from the author.) Letter tiles (A-Z and a-z with multiples of the common letters) are suggested for use in this course, but not required. You may either purchase tiles or make them yourself out of heavy duty paper or cardboard.