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Comes the north wind, snowflakes bringing:

Robes the fields in purest white,

Paints grand houses, trees, and mountains

On our window-panes at night.

Hills and vales the east wind visits,

Brings them chilly, driving rain;

Shivering cattle homeward hurry,

Onward through the darkening lane.

Heat the south wind kindly gives us;

Reddens apples, gilds the pear,

Gives the grape a richer purple,

Scatters plenty everywhere

Flowers sweet the west wind offers,

Peeping forth from vines and trees;

Brings the butterflies so brilliant,

And the busy, humming bees.

"Whichever way the wind doth blow.

Some heart is glad to have it so;

And blow it east or blow it west,

The wind that blows, that wind is best."

Notebook Work:

1. Write or recite all that you can tell about the wind.

2. What was the direction of the wind during the last rainstorm or snowstorm?

3. Why is the north wind cold?

4. Why is the south wind warm?