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Here is shown a part of a river with a sailboat on it. A man is sitting in the stern of the boat, and, by means of the helm or rudder, he steers it in any direction. The forward part of a boat is called the bow. A sloop has one mast, and a schooner has two. Find the sloops and the schooner in the picture.

On the bank or edge of this river is a windmill, with its long arms spread, which, being broad and light, are blown by the wind around and around, like a great wheel. In the mill are two large flat stones, one of which is moved against the other, face to face, by the arms. Whatever the miller places between the stones is ground fine like flour.

Corn when ripe and dry is ground into corn meal. Oats when ground we call oatmeal. Wheat or rye ground is flour. Tell how corn is planted, and when it ripens.

Notebook Work: Draw your own busy river, showing at a minimum the flowing water, the muddy river banks, a boat, and a windmill.