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On the picture you see clouds. Not all children know what clouds are, and how rain comes from them. So a few words will be said about them.

You have all seen rising from boiling water, something that appears like smoke. It is not smoke, but vapor, to which the water is changed by the heat. If you would hold a cold basin over that vapor, you would see the vapor turn again to water. In the same way, heat causes vapor to rise from the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, etc., and float in the air, until it meets cold air, when it is changed back to water, and returns in the form of drops, and is called rain.

So the vapor rises from the water, and, while in the form of clouds, the wind blows it over the dry ground, until it is turned into drops. Then it comes down to water the grain, the grass, and the flowers. Which, by their bright looks and sweet odors, express their joy and thankfulness for being alive.

Notebook Work: Draw the water cycle from the lesson description.