DIRECTIONS - Point to the following capital cities in the United States.


  • Find Olympia, capital of Washington (WA), on Puget Sound.
  • Find Helena, capital of Montana (MT), on the Missouri River.
  • Find Cheyenne, capital of Wyoming (WY), on the Cheyenne River.
  • Find Denver, capital of Colorado (CO), on the South Platte River.
  • Find Boise, capital of Idaho (ID), on the Boise River.
  • Find Salem, capital of Oregon (OR), on the Willamette River.
  • Find Salt Lake City, capital of Utah (UT), on the Great Salt Lake.
  • Find Carson City, capital of Nevada (NV), on Lake Tahoe.
  • Find Sacramento, capital of California (CA), on the Sacramento River.
  • Find Honolulu, capital of Hawaii (HI), on the Sacramento River.
  • Find Juneau, capital of Alaska (AK), on the Sacramento River.


  • Find Oklahoma City, capital of Oklahoma (OK), on the North Canadian River.
  • Find Austin, capital of Texas (TX), on the Colorado River.
  • Find Santa Fe, capital of New Mexico (NM), on the Santa Fe River.
  • Find Phoenix, capital of Arizona (AZ), on the Salt River.

Notebook Work: Label the following on the map of the western and southwestern United States: Canada, Mexico, the Rio Grande River, the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, Olympia (Washington), Helena (Montana), Cheyenne (Wyoming), Denver (Colorado), Boise (Idaho), Salem (Oregon), Salt Lake City (Utah), Carson City (Nevada), Sacramento (California), Honolulu (Hawaii), Juneau (Alaska), Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), Austin (Texas), Santa Fe (New Mexico), and Phoenix (Arizona).

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