DIRECTIONS - Point to the following capital cities in the United States.

  • Find Annapolis, capital of Maryland (MD), on the Severn River.
  • Find Dover, capital of Delaware (DE), on the St. Jones River.
  • Find Richmond, capital of Virginia (VA), on the James River.
  • Find Raleigh, capital of North Carolina (NC), on the Neuse River.
  • Find Columbia, capital of South Carolina (SC), on the Congaree River.
  • Find Atlanta, capital of Georgia (GA), on the Chattahoochee River.
  • Find Tallahassee, capital of Florida (FL).
  • Find Montgomery, capital of Alabama (AL), on the Alabama River.
  • Find Jackson, capital of Mississippi (MS), on the Pearl River.
  • Find Baton Rouge, capital of Louisiana (LA), on the Mississippi River.
  • Find Charleston, capital of West Virginia (WV), on the Kanawha River.
  • Find Little Rock, capital of Arkansas (AR), on the Arkansas River.
  • Find Nashville, capital of Tennessee (TN), on the Cumberland River.
  • Find Frankfort, capital of Kentucky (KY), on the Kentucky River.

Notebook Work: Label the following on the map of the southeastern United States: the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, Washington D.C., Annapolis (Maryland), Dover (Delaware), Richmond (Virginia), Raleigh (North Carolina), Columbia (South Carolina), Atlanta (Georgia), Tallahassee (Florida), Montgomery (Alabama), Jackson (Mississippi), Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Charleston (West Virginia), Little Rock (Arkansas), Nashville (Tennessee), and Frankfort (Kentucky).

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