First Lessons in World Geography by James Monteith World Geography by James Monteith    

Lesson 14: US Capital and Northeastern Capitals

DIRECTIONS - Point to the following capital cities in the United States.

  • Find the capital of the United States, Washington D.C., on the map.
  • Find Augusta, capital of Maine (ME), on the Kennebec River.
  • Find Concord, capital of New Hampshire (NH), on the Merrimac River.
  • Find Montpelier, capital of Vermont (VT), on the Winooski or Onion River.
  • Find Boston, capital of Massachusetts (MA), on Boston Harbor.
  • Find Providence, capital of Rhode Island (RI), on Providence Bay.
  • Find Hartford, capital of Connecticut (CT), on the Connecticut River.
  • Find Albany, capital of New York (NY), on the Hudson River.
  • Find Trenton, capital of New Jersey (NJ), on the Delaware River.
  • Find Harrisburg, capital of Pennsylvania (PA), on the Susquehanna River.

Notebook Work: Label the following on the map of the northeastern United States: Canada, the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Washington D.C., Augusta (Maine), Concord (New Hampshire), Montpelier (Vermont), Boston (Massachusetts), Providence (Rhode Island), Hartford (Connecticut), Albany (New York), Trenton (New Jersey), and Harrisburg (Pennsylvania).

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