QUESTIONS - Examine the map and answer the questions.

  1. What are the continents of the Eastern Hemisphere?
  2. Which is the largest Eastern continent?
  3. Which is the smallest Eastern continent?
  4. Which Eastern continent is farthest east?
  5. Which Eastern continent is farthest south?
  6. Which ocean is south of Asia?
  7. Which ocean is west of Africa?
  8. What three seas are south of Europe?
  9. Which two seas are north of Africa?
  10. What is the name of the desert in Africa?
  11. What are some countries in Asia?
  12. Which islands are northwest of mainland Europe?
  13. Which islands are in the far east of Asia?
  14. Which oceans do you find in the Eastern Hemisphere?
  15. Which continent is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean?
  16. Which Eastern Hemisphere continents are west of Asia?
  17. Which continents are south of Europe?
  18. Between which three continents is the Mediterranean Sea?
  19. Between which two continents is the Red Sea?
  20. On which continent is the Cape of Good Hope?
  21. Which large islands are between continental Asia and Australia?
  22. Which mountains are in Asia?
  23. List the historical products of Asia marked on the map.
  24. List the historical products of Africa marked on the map.
  25. List the historical products of Europe marked on the map.
  26. List the historical products of Australia marked on the map.


  1. The continents of the Eastern Hemisphere are Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  2. The largest Eastern continent is Asia.
  3. The smallest Eastern continent is Europe.
  4. The Eastern continent farthest east is Asia.
  5. Which Eastern continent farthest south is Africa.
  6. The Indian Ocean is south of Asia.
  7. The Atlantic Ocean is west of Africa.
  8. The Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea are three seas south of Europe.
  9. The Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea are north of Africa.
  10. The Sahara Desert is in Africa.
  11. Countries in Asia include India, China, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.
  12. The British Isles are northwest of mainland Europe.
  13. The Japan Islands are in the far east of Asia.
  14. The Atlantic Ocean, The Arctic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean are in the Eastern Hemisphere.
  15. Africa is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
  16. Europe and Africa are Eastern Hemisphere continents west of Asia.
  17. Africa and Asia (partly) are continents south of Europe.
  18. The Mediterranean Sea is between the continents of Africa, Europe, and Asia.
  19. The Red Sea is between the continents of Africa and Asia.
  20. The Cape of Good Hope is on the continent of Africa.
  21. Borneo, Java, and New Guinea are large islands between continental Asia and Australia.
  22. The Himalaya Mountains are in Asia.
  23. The historical products of Asia include Tea, Rice, and Animal Furs.
  24. The historical products of Africa include fruit, coffee, ivory (often illegal), and diamonds.
  25. The historical products of Europe include fruit, wine, and silk.
  26. The historical products of Australia include gold and wool.

Notebook Work: Color and label Asia, Africa, and Europe on the map of the Earth.